Great developer docs
are just a Hyperlint away

Hyperlint is how developer content teams
write and maintain documentation that developers love.

Developer content teams are stuck in the Maintenance Monsoon.

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So what are your options to escape the Maintenance Monsoon?

Hire faster?
You've got headcount, right? Dedicated recruiting? Oh, and that won't solve the problem today.

“Our writers are great, but we need more good ones. It's a lot of work to recruit, onboard and train people up. I'm worried we won't be able to hit our company goals if we can’t solve this problem now.”

– Documentation Manager
Specialize more?
Sure - if you've got the head count to put a writer on every product

“We've got a great team, but we cover such a large surface area that we can't do it all. Morale is down because it feels like we're letting the team down.”

– Documentation Team Lead
Tolerate bad documentation.
Unfortunately, this is where almost all teams end up as they try to stay above water.

“The product seems great, but the fact that the documentation is disorganized and out of date makes me wonder if the product is right for us.”

– Software engineer (about another product)

Hyperlint AI turns the
monsoon into a breeze.

Hyperlint AI Editor

High quality writing without lifting a finger

Hyperlint's AI reviews every change to your docs whether it's from a PM, a tech writer, or someone else on the team.

Grammar, spelling, and readability
Hyperlint reviews every change for grammar, spelling, and more.
Suggestions not just problems
Hyperlint AI Editor doesn't just call out issues, it fixes them too. Hyperlint gets you to the perfect prose, faster.
Not an SEO expert, no problem
Hyperlint AI Editor will suggest changes to improve your SEO.
Bring your own style guide (coming soon)
Every great docs team has their own style guide. Bring yours to hyperlint and we'll make sure everyone follows it.
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Hyperlint AI Monitor

Up to date documentation, automatically

No more hearing about broken links and out of date docs from your users. Hyperlint monitors your SDKs and APIs - proposing changes to give you high quality docs.

OpenAPI Integration
With a link to your OpenAPI Specification, Hyperlint monitors for breaking changes and suggests edits in your docs repository.
SDK Integration (coming soon)
No more digging through changelogs, Hyperlint will monitor SDK changes. Oh, and Hyperlint suggests fixes too.
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Hyperlint frees you from the maintenance monsoon

High quality prose with no effort
Hyperlint AI reviews your documentation pull requests and makes suggestions and changes. All automatically.
Edits and suggestions, not just problems
Hyperlint AI Editor proactively makes changes to your documentation, no more guessing at what reviewers want.
Outdated documentation is so... outdated
Hyperlint AI Monitor watches for changes in your OpenAPI Specifications and SDKs - calling out issues and suggesting changes.
Save time and energy for the important stuff
With all the details handled, your writers can focus on the impactful changes.

The only AI dedicated to helping technical writing teams.